DDW 2014

Digestive Disease Week

Exhibition Dates: May 4-6

Chicago, Illinois

Calpro AS is sharing the booth with the US partner: Genova Diagnostics Inc.

We are pleased to welcome you to our booth #2511.


  • Anne Thjømøe

    Executive Chairman  Mail: athjomoe@calpro.no Direct line: +47 97 73 37 51 more...

  • Inge Dale

    M.D., Ph.D. Chief Medical OfficerE-mail: idale@calpro.noDirect line: +47 91 31 45 03 more...

  • Anne Hancke Framstad

    Laboratory Quality Specialist E-mail: aframstad@calpro.no Direct line: +47 92 01 14 91 more...

  • Einar Mørk

    Dir. OperationsE-mail: einar@calpro.noDirect line: +47 47 28 55 61 more...

  • Mona Schartum

    Production Manager E-Mail: mona.schartum@calpro.no Direct line: +47 93 22 73 63 more...

  • Ingvild Haukø

    Sales- and Marketing Manager e-mail: ingvild@calpro.no Direct line: +47 92 01 52 18 more...

  • Ali Qamar

    Product Manager E-mail: ali@calpro.no Direct line: +47 41 17 81 19 more...

Latest News

Mucosal healing

The optimal goal for IBD treatment, and faecal calprotectin can tell when is has been achieved! September 2, 2014

Fecal calprotectin as a marker of intestinal inflammation in children

The PhiCal Test is very promising for differentiating between functional abdominal pain and IBD in school-aged children. Since the test is simple and non-invasive, many endoscopies can be avoided; this is of special importance in children in whom general anaesthesia will be necessary. September 2, 2014

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DDW 2014

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